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WONDERS PRODUCING FAITH | PART 1A| Apostle Goodheart O. Ekwueme | Rhogic Worship Experience |

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#Ministering: Apostle Goodheart O. Ekwueme
Topic: Wonders Producing Faith

Text: Hebrews 11:1-3, Acts 6: 8Faith is not just a subject to be discussed but one to be infused into you. There comes a time your situation will bow, but before then, pour in faith.There is a pattern by which God operates. He speaks His word with His mouth and go-ahead to do the words He has spoken … Isaiah 44:26. The declarations He makes are indicative of what he will do.When Faith is preached, get ready for its reality. When Healing is preached, expect healing to be manifest. When Divine Protection is preached, get ready to be preserved and protected by God.Luke 1:45God does not just perform erratically but performs typically what he says to you. You need to be willing to mix what God has said with your faith Hebrews 4:2In Hebrews 4, it was said the Word preached did not profit those that heard it because it was not mixed with faith. You may be hearing but you’re not being active in mixing that Word with faith to see its product in your life. There is a blessing to the believer, we are not to be hearers only but also doers of God’s word.You hear You believe then You take action. The power of God is Revealed, Extended, and Manifested to the one that believes the report.


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