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Why FALSE TEACHERS LOVE the KJV | Table of Demons Part 5 | Sneak Peek 2

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KJV ONLYIST Wolves in sheep’s clothing love to claim that the KJV 1611 is the only inerrant Word of God. Why? Because the majority of people have no clue what the English means in the KJV. They are purposely trying to keep Christians stupid!

Episode 313 08142019
Why FALSE TEACHERS LOVE the KJV | Dining at the Table of Demons Part 5 | Sneak Peek 2

Today on #CrackYourBible’s apologetics / Bible study, we’re talking about how Christians need to be aware of Satan’s schemes. When it comes to spiritual abuse, King James Onlyism is a favorite of Satan’s legalistic Pharisees. Why? Because if you can’t understand Scripture, false teachers can tell you that the words mean whatever they want them to say! Jesus didn’t speak English. Jesus didn’t speak King James’ English (Shakespearean English) so why would you read a Bible in a language you don’t speak?! English has changed over time and it’s time Christians realize that this legalism is just another attack from the enemy!

Table of Demons vs Table of the Lord Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_NBGIln_4kJwQRcbhEClRklZg0WYxkPH

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-Rachel N. Stephens

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