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What the Bible says about Anger (Jon Courson sermon: Talking Cross, or Cross Talking?)

In this video

In the context of Moses’ angry failure in Kadish at the waters of Meribah, Pastor Jon Courson, a man after God’s own heart and a faithful Christian for six decades, explains how serious, repugnant, and deadly anger is, and angry words are. The application is for all people everywhere, and the context is Moses’s tirade against the Israelites which cost him his right to enter the Promised Land, in Numbers, Chapter 27, (verses 12-17) (https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=numbers+27&version=KJV). God said unto Moses that because he had lashed out in anger, he would not be allowed to enter the Promised Land.

Words kill, and an angry heart has the same motive as a murderer’s heart. To the Lord, Anger is murder. In our lives, Anger is murder. Jesus himself taught: Everything that comes out of the mouth comes from what is in the heart, and it defiles the man more than anything that goes in. This deeply penetrating sermon will forever change the way you speak, and you will be unable to justify your own anger ever again. That’s how a Bible teacher ought to affect his flock, don’t you think? This and hundreds more edifying sermons and lessons from the Bible are hosted at www.joncourson.com, and particularly at http://www.joncourson.com/teaching/teachings.asp?book=numbers. I hope this sample will inspire you as much as Jon’s teachings have appealed to me, keeping me sound in my doctrine and straight in my walk from the outset of my Christian life. If you are hungry, whether for milk or meat, you will want to browse through all of Jon’s outstanding sermons and learned lectures (free audio and video streams).

As far as I’m concerned, Jon is the best all-around pastor in America (yes, he uses the King James Version, the real Bible), and God has been quietly enriching Christians’ lives all across the nation through his ministry for many decades. This is non-boring, family-oriented, spirit-filled, down to earth, honest, endearing and intellectually fulfilling Bible Christianity, from a remarkable man of God. His site is packed full of nourishing sermons and Bible teachings on every chapter, book, doctrine and theme in the holy scriptures, presented simply and with the perfect combination of scholarly substance and practical application, valuable for the mind and soul of anyone alive today.

JonCourson has joined YouTube! see his new channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/SearchlightMinistry

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