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What Is The Doctrine Of Christ? w/ David Carrico DOC Ep. 1

In this video

What is the doctrine of Christ? And why were the people so astonished at his teachings? Was it so different than the doctrine of God that they had always been taught from the Holy Scriptures? Is it so different than the doctrine of Paul, that was still yet to come?

I Wanna Know!

Welcome to “The Doctrine of Christ” teaching series. Each episode will thoroughly dissect each doctrine of Jesus Christ, one at a time. Your hosts are David Carrico of FOJC Radio and Jimmy Cooper of Jimivision.

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3:10 Matthew 7 v28-29
4:29 John 1 v1
8:43 John 14 v10
9:42 Deuteronomy 18 v18-19
11:43 2 John v9
13:41 2 John v10
15:07 1 John 1 v1
16:52 1 John 1 v2
18:00 John 14 v15
18:06 John 15:14
18:16 John 15:10
18:36 John 15 v12
20:06 John 14 v26
23:21 1 Peter 2 v21
24:26 1 Peter 1 v9-10
25:33 1 Peter 1 v11
25:45 2 Peter 1 v16-17
27:07 2 Peter 1 v18-21
31:25 1 Timothy 6 v3-4
32:59 Ephesians 4 v4-6
34:56 1 Thessalonians 4 v15
35:51 1 Corinthians 11 v23
41:50 Titus 2 v10
43:15 2 Timothy 4 v3
43:31 1 Timothy 1 v3

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