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Tim Keller’s Visit to Belhaven

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On Thursday, Feb. 24, Tim Keller came to Belhaven University’s Center for the Arts Concert Hall to talk about his new book King’s Cross, a look at the life of Christ as found in the Gospel of Mark. The Concert Hall was filled to standing room only with approximately 875 people in attendance. Guests began arriving at 5:30 pm to ensure that they had a place to sit before Keller took the stage at 7:00. They were treated to a preshow performed by Belhaven musicians and dancers.

Dr. Keller began his talk with listing three statements that he was going to prove. 1) Why it’s important that the story of Jesus is true. 2) Why it’s important the story of Jesus is about Jesus. 3) Why it’s important that the Gospel is not a set of bullet points, but rather a story. He spent the remainder of his message giving eight arguments that answered the above questions. After the talk, Keller stayed for a book signing. The event was sponsored by Lemuria Books, Reformed University Fellowship and Belhaven University.


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