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Tim Keller: Re-enchanting Our World

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The glory and creation of God bears such unknowable depth that to know Him is to be enchaned with awe and wonder. Yet within our consumer society, our obsession with material gain can trump our wonder for God. Drawing from Charles Taylor’s work describing how we in the West became a “disenchanged” society, Keller explores in this CFW Conference resource how this disenchantment, while bringing a greater sense of human autonomy and freedom, has also brought a “malaise of modernity”, stripping away a deeper sense of our humanity and the meaning and purpose that had been associated with an “enchanged” world. How did we get here? How do we move forward toward a re-enchanged view of God’s creation and technological tools we employ? How does the knowledge of God who made us in His image re-affirm our identity and renew our call to cultivate this world in His likeness?

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