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The Restoration Principle (Part 2)

In this video

Redemption with Ron Carpenter TV week of 3/17/13. Sometimes we have years that we wish we could do over, time we feel we’ve lost or wasted. Time we will never get back. But in Joel, God says He will redeem or He will restore the time that the locusts have eaten.

With God, you haven’t lost anything. The Restoration Principle delivers a word to help you position yourself into a place of power in your area of authority. Ron Carpenter helps you understand how God uses the Restoration Principle in your life. Learn how to speak to the mountains you face in life and make them move!

God said, ‘People are going to know that God is in your midst’ when He restores back to you the things that have been robbed. Only God can give you back things that have been taken!

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