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Start Here (Part 1) (The Ruth Series)

In this video

Redemption with Ron Carpenter TV week of 1/6/13. With every new year come new expectations, new dreams, and a new vision. As the year drags on, life tends to beat people down, dismissing those expectations, dreams and visions of a better year. Recession, unemployment, divorce, evictions, addictions, loss, the list continues. When life throws too much adversity into a path it can begin to not only stop dreams, but kill them, and people get stuck running in circles cleaning up the mess of life. We need to hear God again. We need to speak again. We need to see and dream again because there is a great destiny that God wants us to move into. Our best days are still ahead of us. Start Here with Pastor Ron Carpenter and rediscover what it means to dream and make those dreams come to life.

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