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SMART Contact™ Isn’t Working!

In this video

In this video, Kimberly Holmes explains the top two reasons why SMART Contact isn’t working. (So, if you’re wondering, “What do I do when SMART Contact isn’t working?” you’ve come to the right place!)


*If this is your first time hearing about SMART Contact, SMART Contact is a process and system we teach. It is a culmination of years of experience with thousands of people. SMART Contact is the best way to have healthy communication in your relationship. Check out this video for a basic overview of what it is: https://marriagehelper.com/save-your-marriage-while-separated-dln/

Typically, when people say, “SMART Contact isn’t working,” what they actually mean is… “I tried the principles that I heard in the SMART Contact video on YouTube. I did this for a couple of days (or a couple of weeks) and there’s been no change in my relationship. So it didn’t work. What can I do instead?”

If this is your experience, consider the following questions:
Have you been doing the right things in SMART Contact? Have you been doing it for the right reasons?
Have you been doing the wrong things in SMART Contact? Have you been doing it for the wrong reasons?
No one is perfect, but the key is this: Are you moving in the right direction with SMART contact?

But what if you’ve done SMART Contact to the best of your ability for a super long time and your spouse still wants out? Well, we won’t lie to you- you can be doing everything right, and your spouse may still choose to leave. And that is not on you. Don’t let their reaction stop you from doing the right things. Stay the course, because we believe that if anything works to bring your marriage back together and make it stronger than ever this will! But even if it doesn’t, then you have still done the best thing that you could do. Don’t lose sight of that.

– Get the free, mini-course about how you can get your spouse to talk to you (with more info. about SMART Contact) here: http://your.marriagehelper.com/how-to-get-your-spouse-back-mini-course

– Listen to episodes of the PIES Podcast here: https://piesuniversity.com/piescast/


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