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One Heart At A Time – Don Francisco

In this video

For all the other DF fans out there….Enjoy!
(Lyrics below)

Verse 1
Everybody’s lookin’ for a hero
Everybody’s waitin’ on the big boys
Everybody’s hopin’ for a hot shot
Everybody’s bettin’ on the big boys
They don’t know, they don’t see
It all comes down to You and me

One heart at a time, one life to another.
One heart at a time, brother to brother.

Everybody’s hangin’ on the healer
Everybody’s pullin’ at the preacher man
Everydoy’s lookin’ for a leader to save the world
they think it’s only him who cares.
Why don’t they know, why don’t they see
That God gave His power to You and me.

The peoples are ripe to harvest,
their ready don’t you know.
If everybody’s just hangin’ around waitin’
tell me who is goin’ to go.
All the men of God you ever heard,
everyone began, just holdin’ on to Jesus
reaching out to just one man.

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