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How Can I Win Back My Spouse If We’re Long-Distance?

In this video

Our live caller wants to know, “Can I win my husband back if we’re long-distance, he lives with the other woman, and he barely talks to me?”

She really loves him, so this situation has been painful for her and the kids. She also feels a lot of financial pressure.

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Dr. Joe Beam responds that this situation does make it difficult. It’s difficult when her husband is living on the other side of the country with the other woman (who may be supporting him). “I’m not saying this is impossible, these situations do work out! But I’m also going to be honest. It will not be easy. It will be a more difficult situation.”

So what can she do? She can work on becoming the best she can be. She can also go through the Save My Marriage Course, paying close attention. And, implementing what she learns from the course.

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Remember, “IF anything works, this will!” We cannot guarantee that it’s going to, but it’s the BEST option we have.


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