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How A Miscarriage Affects A Marriage

In this video

A miscarriage may be one of the most difficult things a couple goes through. It is a loss that ebbs and flows with the waves of grief.

In today’s video, Marriage Helper CEO, Kimberly Holmes, & Spark of Life Founder, David Mathews, discuss the grief that comes with a miscarriage and how to best care for someone who is experiencing this type of loss.

Here are the specific topics covered in today’s video:

The Importance Of Not Comparing Your Losses: It Does NOT Help Someone Who Is Grieving A Loss To Compare Their Loss (1:19-4:47)
The Importance of “Context” In Grieving A Loss (4:40-5:54)
Stories Of Loss & Not Expecting Your Spouse To Grieve In The Same Way (5:55-9:25)
Differences Between The Loss As A Mother & The Loss As A Father (9:26-10:49)
Another Story Of Loss & Giving Them Permission To Grieve (10:50-14:38)
Giving Them Permission to Grieve Continued (14:39-16:30)
CPR: Context, Permission To Grieve, Restart/Reframe: Reframe Continued (16:30-18:34)
What Grievers May Be Feeling & A Story Of Loss (18:35-19:55)
Kimberly asks David, “What would you tell a woman who feels like her husband ‘doesn’t get it’ and isn’t hearing her. What can she do?” (19:56-21:49)
Stories of Hope & Turnarounds: Helping Put The Focus On You & Accept Feelings Of Your Spouse- Not Trying To “Fix” Your Spouse (21:50-22:28)

We would love to help you overcome whatever loss you’re experiencing. If you want more information about the Spark of Life, please visit: https://www.sparkoflife.org

If you’d like more information on our Marriage Helper Workshop & Resources, please visit: https://marriagehelper.com/marriage-seminar/


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