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Fighting Loneliness During Quarantine: The Marriage Helper Community

In this video

Hear some encouragement from our Marriage Helper Community about how they are fighting loneliness during this time. We know that loneliness is hard when circumstances are “normal”… but loneliness is even more difficult when you don’t have control over what’s happening in your external circumstances.


We asked our Marriage Helper Community, “How have you been dealing with loneliness during this time? How have you used this time to overcome struggles, focus on growth, and become the best “you” that you can be?”

We hope you are encouraged by these stories from the MH Community (from people just like you!) as they are doing AMAZING things to fight against loneliness! (Also, we hope their stories give you ideas of things you can start doing.)

Struggling with anxiety? For practical things you can start doing TODAY to help take it under control & turn it around check out our post “How Anxiety Affects Your Marriage” here: https://marriagehelper.com/how-anxiety-affects-marriage-erh/

Struggling with depression? Read our post to learn the 3 things with the highest “efficacy rate” to help a person get past (and get through) depression: https://marriagehelper.com/how-depression-affects-marriage-in-crisis-fxb/ (You’ll also learn how depression affects a marriage.)

Here at Marriage Helper, we want to encourage you and give you hope every single day! Our Marriage Helper Community is here to support you wherever you are.

During this time, we have expanded our resources to help you in the best possible way. For more info. on the Live, Couples Online Workshop visit: https://marriagehelper.com/online-workshop/
For More Info. on the Live, Solo Spouse Workshop visit: https://marriagehelper.com/solo-spouse-workshop/

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