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Dr. Christian Conte [Full Interview] — Manage Your Anger to Overcome Adversity–How to Be Happy

In this video

Live the Life You Want: How to Overcome Adversity, Be Happy, and Live the Life of Your Dreams – Speaker Series. Ideas and strategies from people who have overcome the odds to live their dreams. Register at https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelife-youtubeint.

This playlist – Live the Life You Want [Full Interviews] – features interviews with experts who have specialized in helping people to live a life that’s truly in line with who they are. The experts each share inspiring stories. Each in their own way have overcome obstacles that contributed to deep personal growth, which led them to living a life of happiness and feeling a sense of peace in their lives.

They offer listeners inspiration by sharing practical tools and ideas that support your success as you progress in your self-development efforts to align yourself with living your life’s purpose.

The collective wisdom of the experts in this series covers a range of sub-topics, from practical strategies to shift your sad emotions to a more positive state, to leveraging self-help tools, to considering spiritual aspects that can support you in your journey to living the life you want.

Subscribe to the Beyond the Injury channel to learn more from these experts, and much more, as we continue to work to bring you more practical ideas and strategies to support you in your success to live the life you feel deep within is waiting for you to live.

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