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Done – Tauren Wells (Live at Lakewood)

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Tauren Wells/Krissy Nordhoff/Chuck Butler

Verse 1
It took Your thorns
To crown me with grace
It took Your nails to
Pierce through my shame
It took Your stripes
To heal all my pain
Took Your last breath to
Empty my grave

Only Your love
Only Your love
Could ever be enough
To send death on the run
You buried my past
I’m not going back
It is finished
I am forgiven
My freedom’s won, won, won
It is done, done, done

Verse 2
You crush the voice
Of every fear
Shield me from arrows
When they appear
You have forgotten
My every sin
And you remember
The cross instead

You release the prisoners
The prisoners are free
You have shut the gates of hell
And you hold the keys

#TaurenWells #ChristianMusic #Done

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