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Don Piper’s “90 Minutes in Heaven” Now a Major Motion Picture

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On the way home from a conference, Don Piper’s car was crushed by a semi-truck that crossed into his lane. Medical personnel said he died instantly. While his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car, Don experienced the glories of heaven, awed by its beauty and music. 90 minutes after the wreck, while a minister prayed for him, he miraculously returned to life on earth with only the memory of inexpressible heavenly bliss. Millions of people worldwide have read the incredible true story of Don Piper’s experience with death and life–and now, his story is made into a major motion picture! Today Don is joined by his wife Eva who shares of the experience from her perspective to bring an update on the impact this has had on them as a family, and the millions who have heard Don’s story.

Book: “90 Minutes in Heaven”
Book: “A Walk through the Dark”

For More Information:
Website: www.donpiperministries.com
Movie Website: www.90minutesinheaventhemovie.com/

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