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Does Divorce Mean It’s Time To Give Up?

In this video

Our live caller explains he’s officially divorced from his wife and wants to know if he should stand for his marriage, or if he should give up. He explains that he still gets along with his wife and talks each week. However, she’s dating someone else.

He provides some backstory about having problems here and there (especially when his dad passed away) and his wife’s dramatic weight loss led her to rekindle past relationships.

Dr. Joe Beam explains, it’s not unusual when someone undergoes a dramatic change in appearance to start viewing themselves differently. Viewing oneself differently can sometimes lead a person toward recapturing something from their past.

So, should he still stand for his marriage? If he still loves her and wants this to work, then we would say, yes. He can continue to work on himself and interact with his wife each week.

Also, Limerence has a timeline. Since his divorce happened at a rapid pace- it was pushed through the courts extremely quickly- then there may be opportunities in the future.

Also mentioned in this video is our online course for the spouse who wants to make the marriage work (even when the other spouse does not). Join the “Save My Marriage Course” here: https://marriagehelper.com/save-my-marriage/


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