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Destructive Emotions – The Biblical Principles for Dealing With Anger

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This is the fourth message from our series that I have entitled “Destructive Emotions.” Today, we are going to deal with the most common emotions that we all experience: anger. Frustration, irritation and anger are common to anyone of any age, race
or gender. It is a natural emotional reaction to a displeasing situation or event. But it seems that anger is not only on the rise, but is out of control. Ten years ago we would not have heard about the out-burst of “road rage” that we so often hear about today. In the past when you cut in from of someone on the highway they would wave their finger at you, today they wave a 38 special at
you. In fact, the local new from Charlotte recently reported that two people were shot to death on Interstate 485 – the cause, road rage. Anger is a great, great challenge today, and many people are living angry lives. I remind you once again of this little saying: “Anger and bitterness do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored, than to the victim on which it is poured.” Ultimately, anger hurts the person who is filled with it more than anyone else. In fact, the single factor most likely to cause a heart attack in the
American adult is chronic exposure to hostile interactions with other people. Death rates are four to seven times higher in people who are filled with anger.

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