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Christian Grief Counseling: Christ Suffers With You

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This video from the American Institute of Health Care Professionals looks at the grief of Jesus and Mary in their lives. In regards to Mary, she was not spared suffering because of her lofty title. Instead she suffered with him as an example to all Christians the stain of sin and the pain it inflicts. Her grief, however, would not be in vain, but would serve a greater purpose. This is the pain Mary and even Jesus felt in this world via loss and death. They serve as paradigms of virtue but also examples regarding how we should offer our own suffering and losses to God. If you are a certified Grief Counselor, or a certified Christian Counselor and would like to learn more about Christian Grief Counseling, then please review the program and see if it matches your academic and professional needs.

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Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/AIHCPInchealth

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The American Academy of Grief Counseling
Are you interested in becoming a Grief Counselor or would like to also become a certified Christian Grief Counselor? Click the link below.

A Division of the American Institute of Health Care Professionals
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