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Christian Dating & Waiting | 7 Helpful tips for Godly dating |

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Hi guys,

I’ve recieved a lot of questions about my love life over the last year so I decided to make a video to tell you all about it. here it goes:

It use to bother me that I was single, but now I am basking in my time alone, while working on my relationship with God. Timing is everything and I trust God enough to know when its time for me to meet my future Mr. RIGHT I WILL!!!

Although I am not focus on being in a relationship, I can’t run from the fact that dating is apart of the process. This video has 7 helpful tips that I hope you all can take heed to.

Im no expert, but I have found these tips very helpful with saving my time, energy, and efforts on Mr. WRONG.

Hope you Enjoy.

IG: @aa.north

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