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Rod Parsley – Tailor Made: What’s in your closet?

God has given you weapons with which to wage spiritual warfare in your circles of influence, but they don’t resemble the armor of a Roman soldier. Your weapons more accurately resemble the garments of the high priest of God — and they are available to you today and every day! Sermon from January 29, 2017 […]

Rod Parsley – Expecting the unexpected

You produce the will of God when you pray, because He always hears and answers your prayer the moment you pray it. To make blessings show up in your life, you need to both ask for them and become a clean vessel in which He can birth the unexpected through you. Prepare to be a […]

Rod Parsley – In it to win it

The weapons of the spiritual warfare we are called to fight on God’s behalf are for an offensive posture, not a defensive posture. We are called to advance the Kingdom of God on earth! Too often we play not to lose. But we can play to win, because God has gone ahead of us and […]
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Where Have All the Preachers Gone (Full Message) Pastor Rod Parsley – RTS 1999

Click here to get the book where Pastor Parsley lays out this revelation: Preached on Wednesday night at Raise The Standard 1999, “Where Have All the Preachers Gone” is one of the greatest messages delivered by Pastor Rod Parsley ( This message on the role and responsibility of the preacher should be mandatory viewing […]

Rod Parsley – The passing through anointing

God is going to cause every seed you have in the ground to be released with new life. God wants to show the nation and the world how He can move people of faith into positions that previously seemed unattainable. No matter what you’re going through, you’re going through it. God’s plan for you cannot […]

Rod Parsley – What do you want?

Pastor Rod Parsley’s sermon from Miracle, Healing, Victory, and Legacy Prayer Cloth Service (2017) on November 12, 2017. All rights reserved.

Rod Parsley – Chasing God and be a disciple

You cannot have your life and God’s life too. In this church-age we have been taught many things on how to live right and be victorious, but the core of it all is to be a true disciple and learn to say no to what this world has to offer, and chase after God, in […]

Rod Parsley – Don’t quit

Sermon from October 19, 2008 @ World Harvest Church. All rights reserved.

Rod Parsley – The season of redemption

God has a plan for our protection and provision. It is not God’s plan that some of us should settle down for less, but that we should live a prosperous life. Modern religion say you have to do better, but Jesus shed His precious blood for us, providing redemption, salvation, healing and deliverance for all […]
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