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Passion 2019 :: Louie Giglio (session 1)

Hear Louie Giglio’s talk from session one of Passion 2019 about the father issue that this generation is experiencing and what Jesus has done to step into the gap as our eternal Father. Louie Giglio is the Pastor of Passion City Church and the Founder of the Passion Movement, which exists to call a generation […]

Give Us Today

This week, Pastor Louie Giglio takes us all the way back to the Exodus of God’s people out of Egypt to remind us from where, and from whom, our daily sustenance comes from.

Louie Giglio Twists Ezekiel 37 at Passion 2013

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith (http://www.fightingforthefaith.com) takes a discerning look at Louie Giglio’s teaching during the final session of Passion 2013 to see if he is rightly handling and teaching God’s Word and finds good reasons to be concerned.
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YES – The Best Yes

This week, Pastor Louie Giglio dives into the second portion of our series, “Yes,” as we focus on when and where our, “no,” becomes critical; because while saying “yes,” can open the opportunity for blessing in our lives, it can also open the opportunity for destruction if it’s used in the wrong situation. In fact, […]

Passion 2019 :: Louie Giglio (session 6)

Hear Louie Giglio’s talk from session six of Passion 2019 as he reminds us that our questions are not a problem for God, they are a pathway for us to become world-changers for God. God is not intimated by our questions. Louie Giglio is the Pastor of Passion City Church and the Founder of the […]

Man in the Mirror: Part 1 with Louie Giglio – LifeChurch.tv

LifeChurch.tv is a church that meets in multiple locations around the United States and globally online at http://live.lifechurch.tv. Get to know us at http://www.lifechurch.tv LifeChurch.tv provides free ministry resources to churches through http://open.church/. Visit Open to download and use this message in your church or browse more than 25,000 free resources for adult, kids, small […]

Louie Giglio – Your rod and your staff

Following our women’s conference; Cherish, we have guest speaker Pastor Louie Giglio with us from Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In this message, Louie unpacks Psalm 23 showing the heart of God as the shepherd. He leads us, restores us and guides us. This word will leave you encouraged and remind you of how loved you […]

How Great is Our God Laminin Louie Giglio

How Great is Our God Laminin Louie Giglio

The Highest Calling

http://www.dts.edu Louie Giglio, founder of the Passion Movement, talks about the highest calling on the lives of believers, the intimacy of walking closely with God. The opinions expressed by guest speakers do not necessarily reflect the positions of Dallas Theological Seminary.

CHAIN BREAKER – The Chain of Doubt

Jesus has come to set you free. — How many of us really are living in the truth? The truth that long before we were born our fight came to an end? Are we walking in the reality that Jesus won the war, that our chains are broken and dealt with, that we are truly […]
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