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Kerry Shook: Declutter Your Life and Expand Your Energy

Today’s message is all about expanding our energy to do what we are called to do, by removing everything from our lives that steals our energy so that we can breathe in God’s love, and know how valuable we are in God’s eyes, then breathe out His love onto others so we can care for […]

Kerry Shook: Perfectly Broken

We are starting a new series today that is life changing because it’s about finding God and His healing in the places we try to hide, in the very broken places we don’t want anyone else to see or know about. The good news is this; in the middle of your brokenness, you have the […]

Kerry Shook: Is the Bible Reliable?

Some people don’t think the Bible is accurate, that there is nothing divinely powerful about it. Many of you would say the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God, it’s reliable, accurate, and you’re building your life on it. But both of these groups should dig into the question, is the Bible reliable? Scripture: […]
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Kerry Shook: From the Valley to the Mountaintop

We have to let go of everything we don’t need, our failures, problems and pain, to get to the top of the mountain that God has placed before us, because Jesus made it simple for us. Scripture: Joshua 14: 6-13; Matthew 6: 33 — Woodlands Church • Our mission is to help people experience Christ […]

Kerry Shook: Is There Life After Death?

Today, we’re asking a really big question that humans have grappled with since the beginning of our existence. We’re going to look at this question, first from evidence outside of Scripture; then we’ll look at Scripture and what God’s Word has to say. Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5: 1-5; 2 Thessalonians 1: 8-9; 2 Peter 3: […]

Kerry Shook: The Maker Will Make A Way

Today, we are starting a new series about the Maker of Heaven and Earth, one of the names for God in Scripture. How can studying about the Maker of Heaven and Earth help us with the major problems in our lives? We’re going to learn how studying about the Maker of Heaven and Earth makes […]

Kerry Shook: Good Question

If you never ask your questions, struggle with them and work through them by looking for the truth, you’ll never have a strong, real and genuine faith. The Bible says questions are not only okay to ask, but questions are good for your faith; God’s not afraid of your questions. Scripture: 1 Peter 3: 15; […]

Kerry Shook: Simple Family

Jesus always took the complex and made it simple, while we, many times, take the simple and make it really complicated, and nothing is more complicated than family. The great news is that everything boils down to making simple choices in your life that can change everything. Scripture: John 1: 1, 11-14, 18, 10; Ephesians […]

Kerry Shook: The Doorway to Lasting Change

Stop to take time to look at your life as if it were at house. At the moment of salvation, Christ comes to live in your house and begins to remodel it from the inside out. It is easy to focus on the exterior of our lives because that’s what everyone else sees, forgetting about […]

Kerry Shook: The Gift of Adversity

Your greatest adversity is really your greatest opportunity that God wants to use it in your life to bring about amazing blessings, to do great things in you, and to change you from the inside out. Scripture: 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10, 12: 7a; Isaiah 40: 11c-12, 40: 26, 40: 28-31 — Woodlands Church • Our […]
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