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Back Healed in KS …and then a SURPRISE HEALING!

Margaret got a miraculous back healing recently in Olathe, KS. But don’t click off this video too early because after the Holy Spirit ministered to her she also got a surprise healing afterward. Watch the entire video to see for yourself. This was at a recent conference hosted by Jubilee Chruch https://www.jubileeministry.com/ home to Pastor […]

Sharie had a Misaligned Bone from Knee Surgery (MN WOFL)

Sharie had pain and numbness from a misaligned bone after knee surgery. But God moved that bone back into place after Katie had a word of knowledge in a recent meeting in Minnesota. Katie talks more about it in her recent Live Workshop: Victory In Trials (link below) [skip to the 40: min mark for […]

Miracle Hair Re-growth – Supernatural Head of Hair!

A while before this video, Katie had prayed for Kay’s hair to re-grow supernaturally and it did! Kay now has a full head of hair. If you need a similar miracle watch this and receive the prayers Katie and Kay pray for you! Enter your testimony in the comments.
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Ep. 19 – We Must Learn How To Heal The Soul!

This episode starts Katie’s 5-Part series on how wounds in your soul can cause people to die before their time. She not only gives sound, biblical references, but she shows you the steps to getting those wounds healed. The good news is it’s all about Jesus! Tune in to all 5 episodes in this series […]

Spirit of Death Came Off!

Marlynne had the spirit of death on her but her daughters made her come to a Katie Souza meeting to get her healing. Watch what happened for yourself!

Buttock Healed! God’s Love Knows No Limits!

This is JB and… well, you just have to watch for yourself.

Neck and Liver Healed in Tomball Texas

Alonzo got a double blessing this year in Texas when God healed him of two afflictions. He had been suffering from a fatty liver in addition to severe neck pain. Two unrelated issues, but God healed them both in one meeting. See for yourself. Be sure to check out Katie’s schedule at her website: http://www.katiesouza.com/events […]

Katie Souza Time Travel

Join Katie for a full hour of Interactive Live Streaming! and get brand new revelation, and practical steps that you can apply for YOUR breakthrough! 6pm PT, 7pm MT, 8pm CT, 9pm ET

Oxycodone for back pain? No more! Lacey is HEALED!

Lacey is a young mother whose back pain was so debilitating that her own mother had to help take care of her. But after she got a healing touch from the realm of heaven she can throw her prescriptions away! There were many healings at this meeting. You can watch the entire message here: https://youtu.be/7u2o6HWpj6U

The Wiggle Wiggle Song – A spontaneous prophetic song of healing

Recently Katie sang this simple, childlike song and afterward many people reported experiencing a supernatural healing durning the this time of joyous worship. Sing and wiggle along and see what miracles manifest for you. If you get healed please testify in the comments below and then share this with someone you know who needs a […]
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