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My Spouse Wants Me To Prioritize Work Over Family

Our live caller is separated from his wife and explains, “I have to make a choice about a new career and how much time to spend with my kids… I could stay unemployed to have more time with my kids OR I could choose a new career path, but my wife may not like it.” […]

He Wants To Reconcile I’m Not Sure

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My Husband Wants His “Freedom” More Than Our Marriage

Our live caller explains, “My husband has been falling out of love with me and wants a divorce. He says a lot of the problems in our marriage were due to my ‘nagging.’” “He wants to be free. He’s travelled over the past couple of years for work, and has been getting the freedom he […]
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How Job Loss Can Affect A Marriage

Before a crisis in a marriage, there’s often some type of loss in one or both of the spouses’ lives. (And it’s important to recognize job loss as a type of loss.) The first thing that we need to establish, is that the loss of a job can lead to deep grief. Grief is the […]

Fighting Loneliness During Quarantine: The Marriage Helper Community

Hear some encouragement from our Marriage Helper Community about how they are fighting loneliness during this time. We know that loneliness is hard when circumstances are “normal”… but loneliness is even more difficult when you don’t have control over what’s happening in your external circumstances. We asked our Marriage Helper Community, “How have you […]

3 Ways To End An Affair

If you’re currently in an affair, or if you know somebody who is, these three things will be extremely important to you. (And even if you’re deeply, emotionally connected to the other person, these three things still work if you do them!) You might be thinking, “I’m not sure I want out of the affair.” […]

How A Miscarriage Affects A Marriage

A miscarriage may be one of the most difficult things a couple goes through. It is a loss that ebbs and flows with the waves of grief. In today’s video, Marriage Helper CEO, Kimberly Holmes, & Spark of Life Founder, David Mathews, discuss the grief that comes with a miscarriage and how to best care […]

SMART Contact™ Isn’t Working!

In this video, Kimberly Holmes explains the top two reasons why SMART Contact isn’t working. (So, if you’re wondering, “What do I do when SMART Contact isn’t working?” you’ve come to the right place!) *If this is your first time hearing about SMART Contact, SMART Contact is a process and system we teach. It […]

How Can I Win Back My Spouse If We’re Long-Distance?

Our live caller wants to know, “Can I win my husband back if we’re long-distance, he lives with the other woman, and he barely talks to me?” She really loves him, so this situation has been painful for her and the kids. She also feels a lot of financial pressure. -Start learning how to get […]

Is Couples Counseling A Good Idea During His Affair?

Our live caller wants to know if couples counseling is a good idea if her husband is still in an affair. Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Holmes explain that this caller needs to make sure she knows whether or not her counselor is willing to help save her marriage. Is he “pro-marriage?” Additionally, she needs […]
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