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The Truth about Salvation – REAL with Daniel Fusco

Original Airdate: 8/27/17 The greatest news in the world is that Jesus is real. He really lived, died and rose again. And because He did, salvation is available to everyone. But not everyone is open to that truth. There are those who doubt it. Yet the reality is that Jesus wants to share his life […]

The Truth about False Teachers – REAL with Daniel Fusco

Original airdate: 8/20/17 One of the blessings of this generation is the unbridled access we have to information. Unfortunately, the problem with living in an information-saturated culture, is that not all the information is true. There are a lot of false teachers out there. The same was true in the first century when the church […]

The Truth about Lies – REAL with Daniel Fusco

Original air date: 8/13/17 If there is one thing you know is true, it is that lies exist. And the only way to walk fully in the truth is to reject the lies that we hear, see and sometimes unfortunately believe. In our next message in the series, Truth And Lies, we will look at […]
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The Truth about the Gospel – REAL with Daniel Fusco

Original Airdate: 8/6/17 We often hear in Christian circles that God’s Word is truth. But if we are going to be perfectly honest, how do we know we can really trust the Bible? How can we know who Jesus really is? How can we know spiritual truth at all? These are not the questions just […]

Finding the Heart of Marriage – REAL with Daniel Fusco

Original air date: 7/23/17 If there was ever a battleground for truth in our culture, it is in the realm of marriage. People hold very passionate and conflicting views about this topic. But, as is His trademark, Jesus chooses to unpack marriage in a very unique way. His ability to get to the heart of […]

Holy Habits – REAL with Daniel Fusco

Original air date: 7/16/17 Like Daniel and his friends, we want to live structurally, not emotionally. That means putting much of our lives on holy autopilot, so that in the anxiety of a moment, the emotions and pressures won’t get the best of us. This requires establishing healthy and holy habits. This was the reason […]

How to Cope – REAL with Daniel Fusco

Original air date: 7/9/17 The friction that exists between culture and faith can be overwhelming and really wear a person out. And as they saying goes, “it’s often darkest right before the sun rises.” In fact, many times the tension becomes even greater as the end of an ordeal approaches. So how do we cope […]

Visions of the Future – REAL with Daniel Fusco

Original air date: 7/2/17 It is said that repetition is the greatest teacher. So, when the Holy Spirit decides to repeat Himself, it is because there is something very important He wants us to learn. Daniel 7 shows us another vision about future kingdoms, but unlike King Nebuchadnezzar’s vision in Daniel 2, this time the […]

A Bigger Story – REAL with Daniel Fusco

Original air date: 6/25/17 As we celebrate Palm Sunday 2017, it is thought provoking to recognize that the triumphal entry was part of a much bigger story and not just an isolated event. It was an integral part of God’s plan – one that He shared with the world through the Prophet Daniel in his […]
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