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Timeless Works: True Faith and False – Dr. D. James Kennedy

One of the tasks of a minister is to enable people to see that we are redeemed, saved, forgiven, justified by faith and not by works. That is an ongoing and never-ending struggle because man naturally believes from his earliest days that he will get to Heaven by the good things that he does. By […]

Coral Ridge Hour with D. James Kennedy – Socialism Sermon

Dr. D. James Kennedy delivers a Sermon on Socialism

Kennedy Classics – The New Tolerance

Our Website: http://www.djkm.org Truths That Transform: http://www.djkm.org/ttt Kennedy Classics: http://www.djkm.org/kc Contact Us: http://www.djkm.org/contact-us Our Store: http://www.djkm.org/store TV Air Date: February 3, 2018 Have you ever tried to explain a something to a person who knows nothing about it? This usually happens with small children who have endless questions and are struggling to understand exactly what […]
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Timeless Works: America’s Greatest Hero – Dr. D. James Kennedy

God determined to set apart America in a special way for the spread of the Gospel. God determined to establish here a Christian nation. Says Dr. Kennedy: “How do I know that? Because we have one. If He had not determined to do that, we would not have such. Now, we are not fatalists, like […]

Kennedy Classics – Special Presentation: 3 Big Lies of Socialism

This program is a special presentation of D. James Kennedy Ministries. In this election year, we have seen one of the major party presidential candidates running as an avowed socialist, with polls showing a significant number of young people seemingly embracing his socialistic rhetoric and ideology. Declared all but dead just a few decades ago, […]

Five Crucial Issues for the World – Part 3

Today you will hear Dr. John MacArthur, the late Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. R. C. Sproul answer questions about a topic that concerns many, many of our viewers all over the world. Why is it that the two largest representatives of the Christian faith, namely the Roman Catholic Church and Evangelical Protestants give […]

The Gospel in the Stars; D James Kennedy on the Zodiac, Virgo

From the series on the Biblical meaning behind the constellations of the Zodiac. This talk was delivered as part of a 13 sermon series, including one for each constellation. D. James Kennedy preached this sermon in 1985. He had been voted one of the 200 smartest people in the world by Time magazine. It is […]

Timeless Works: The Culture War in America – Dr. D. James Kennedy

We are involved today in a culture war going on in America. Because of the blatant censorship that has gone on in many of our schools and colleges for over a generation, we have a vast multitude of people who know nothing about the real founding of this country. The idea that this nation was […]

Timeless Works: The Father in the Home – Dr. D. James Kennedy

God calls fathers to be fathers for their children. It makes a substantial difference to society if dad is there or not for his family. One of the big problems in our society is the breakdown of the family. One aspect of that are homes without dad. It is interesting that 70% of the teenage […]

Kennedy Classics – Christian Manifesto

Sermon Description: =================== 1982, when he was struggling with the cancer that ultimately ended his life in 1984, Dr. Francis Schaeffer came to the historic Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale and stood in Dr. Kennedy’s pulpit to deliver an electrifying message called “A Christian Manifesto.” Feature Description: ==================== One man who understands well […]
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