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Causes of Depression and How to Get Out of It (Broadcast) Pt. 1

Creflo Dollar preaching on causes of depression and how to get out of it.

Dr Creflo Dollar : Knowing God #Word #Conference#GloryofHisGrace2019 HOTR

Dr Creflo Dollar : Knowing God #Word #Conference#GloryofHisGrace2019 HOTR If you still feel that God is the one punishing you, making you sick then you have a wrong impression about God. Your impression of God have to be in line with the covenant of grace. The way you think will determine how you feel and […]

Creflo Dollar 56th birthday at WAFBEC, Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

Check out how Covenant Christian Centre celebrated Dr Creflo Dollar’s 56th birthday at WAFBEC in Lagos Nigeria. Clip from 9a.m. service at The Covenant Place, Iganmu. He was present with his wife Taffi.
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Pastor Creflo Dollar – It is time to Expand our Limits

Pastor Creflo Dollar New Sermon –

“Recovering from Unexpected Loss” Your World with Creflo

Nearly 90% of Americans have experienced a traumatic event in their lives. Often they are we left with unanswered questions, wondering, “How could this happen?” or “Where was God?” What happens when tragedy results in the loss of a loved one and you are left behind to pick up the pieces? Our guest, on this […]

Creflo Dollar Sermons – What Is Purpose Of Your Life

Creflo Dollar Sermons – What Is Purpose Of Your Life. Thanks for watching my video. Subscribe my channel to watch more meaning videos, thanks so much 🙂 God bless to you 🙂 #CrefloDollar #CrefloDollar2017 #CrefloDollarSermons #CrefloDollarSermons2017 #creflo #dollar #sermons #purpose #life #preaching #prayer #CrefloDollarMinistries #ministry #religion
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