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The Sound of Jubilee

Today Pastor Benny Hinn and Coy Barker discuss this amazing year we’re in: the 70th Jubilee since Joshua led the Children of Israel into the Promised Land! Pastor Benny recounts the events of recent Miracle Services and the fresh move of the power and anointing of God which has permeated the meetings along with incredibly […]

Don’t Bury God’s Promises – a special sermon from Benny Hinn

Coy Barker is Senior Pastor of Elevation Church in Loganville, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. He and Pastor Benny Hinn first met in the 1980’s and since that time both men have had a tremendous impact for the Kingdom of God across America and around the world. Today they discuss one of the darkest times […]
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Benny Hinn, This Strategic, Historic Moment, Part 2, September 2015

Benny Hinn, This Strategic, Historic Moment, Part 2 September 2015 Pastor Benny Hinn and Dr. Coy Barker have been friends for decades. Dr. Barker, an internationally-known Bible teacher and author, is the founder of Elevation Point Church in Loganville, Georgia. This Oklahoma native recognized God’s call on his life to enter the ministry at the […]

Encounter With God Your Turnaround Miracle – A special sermon from Benny Hinn

“At the end of this year you’re on the edge of the greatest moment you’ve ever lived in your life,” Dr. Coy Barker proclaims on this program. “I feel such an anointing that there will be supernatural manifestations as God speaks to your heart through Pastor Benny and me today! This is a moment of […]

Paradox – Wk. 1

Dr. Coy Barker

New Season

Dr. Coy Barker

One More – Wk. 5

Dr. Coy Barker

Miracles – Wk. 1

Dr. Coy Barker
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