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Chad Veach: Zoe L.A. (Randy Robison / LIFE Today)

One of Judah Smith’s proteges announces his move to Los Angeles to found Zoe Church.

Chad Veach – How To Share Your Faith With Your Friends / VOUS Conference 2018


It Could Happen Today | Chad Veach

It Could Happen Today – “Satan always offers you today what God has for you tomorrow.” We live for the eternal, not the temporary. Listen in as Pastor Chad wraps up the King and Kingdom series and talks on how to prepare yourself for the King’s return. Welcome to the new Zoe Church LA youtube […]
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When Your Problem Won’t Go Away | Chad Veach

When Your Problem Won’t Go Away Join us on this week’s episode of ZOE TV as Pastor Chad Veach preaches an incredible message about the what to do when your problems won’t get out of your way! Welcome to the new Zoe Church LA youtube channel. Here you will find the latest sermons from Pastor […]

Passion 2019 :: Chad Veach

Hear Chad Veach’s talk from session two of Passion 2019 as he walks us through Hebrews 6 and what it means to crave the presence of God. Chad Veach is a leading voice to this generation, who travels both nationally and internationally. He has devoted his life to loving God, loving people and building the […]

Building Something That Will Last – Chad Veach | The Leadership Collective

Chad Veach shares 10 key things to building a youth ministry that will last. To get even more leadership principles and wisdom, visit: Connect with us: Like: Follow: Follow:

New Found Joy | Chad Veach

“The content you consume becomes the content you create.” You are a product of your environment. Listen in as Pastor Chad continues King and Kingdom and talks about how once you are in the Kingdom, you get everything God has. Welcome to the new Zoe Church LA youtube channel. Here you will find the latest […]

Pushed, Pressed, and Passion Tested | Chad Veach

On this week’s episode of ZTV pastor Chad Veach begins a brand new series called the “Garden and the Grave”! The first of a four part series taking Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane to the empty grave! How do you live a surrendered life to God? How do you reconcile your intentions and your […]

Faith, Favoritism, and How to Not Be Phony | Chad Veach

In this weeks message Pastor Chad Veach preaches a message about God’s loving inclusion and connecting your faith with your actions. In a world where talk is cheap what would it look like to walk out the things that God has for your life? Welcome to the new Zoe Church LA youtube channel. Here you […]
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