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Eviction Notice Part 2 | Pastor Brian Gallardo

In Eviction Notice part 2, Pastor Brian talks about how demons try to enter and possess the human body and how we can completely kick the enemy out of our territory and have every compartment of our lives engulfed in the presence of the Holy Ghost. Message Notes: Ephesians 6:12 James 4:7 Submission- Give up […]

The Gifted Ones Part 2 | Back To the Basics | Pastor Brian Gallardo

In this series “Back to the Basics” Pastor Brian is teaching about “The Gifts” that every believer can obtain and have. Pastor wants to shine the light on Christians who want to experience the gifts in their own lives and talk about how we can activate them! Message Notes: 1 Corinthians 12:1 (6-11) (31) 1 […]

Questions For My Pastor | Covered | Pastor Brian Gallardo

As Pastor Brian continues the series “covered” he touches on questions like “Why is authority important in church?” Or “Do I really need to be submitted under covering?” We pray this message touches and helps bring clarity in your life. Message Notes: Romans 13:1-2 (7) Hebrews 13:17 Delegate- A person sent or authorized to represent […]
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Plug Into the Power | Back To the Basics | Pastor Brian Gallardo

Our “Back to the Basics” series continues with Pastor Brian teaching us the simplicity of the word of God and how we can activate it in our own personal lives. We must be a people group who are actively in pursuit of the things of God and the will of God for our lives. Message […]

The New Life | Back To the Basics | Pastor Brian Gallardo

We know that as Christians life can be trying sometimes, but He has given us a NEW life. There’s no perfection when you get saved, but transformation should be evident in your life. Tune in to see how Pastor Brian breaks down “The New Life.” Message Notes: 2 Corinthians 5:17 If you’re not planning to […]

Spiritual Authority Part 1 | Covered | Pastor Brian Gallardo

In this new series Pastor Brian teaches on spiritual authority and covering. This message breathes so much clarity and knowledge on how the systems of God’s Kingdom works. We hope this message empowers you and brings life to your situation today! Message Notes: Romans 13:1-2 (7) Hebrews 13:17 Systems of the Kingdom: 1.) God’s Kingdom […]

Evicting Territorial Assassin Spirits | Eviction Notice | Pastor Brian Gallardo

Eviction Notice continues as Pastor Brian reveals how to kick territorial “assassins” out of our home lives, our work lives and out of our city! We pray this message blesses you and that you come to a clearer understanding of how to kick the enemy out! Message Notes: Ephesians 6:11-12 Matthew 12:43-44 1 Corinthians 15:32 […]

Whose Gospel do You Follow? | Pastor Brian Gallardo

Pastor Brian preaches a very powerful and convicting message about whose gospel we really follow. We encourage you to dig deep into this message and really grab ahold of what Pastor Brian is trying to teach in this message. We pray that you’re blessed by this sermon and that the Holy Ghost would fill you […]
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