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Special Message from Bill Cloud! | 11.27.2018

Visit us at to submit your prayer requests. You can tithe and give offerings to the ministry at Tuesday night messages will be available for purchase the following morning. Call 423-478-3456. Moderator maintains rights to ban anyone. Please stay focused on the service.

The Wheat and the Tares

The Almighty created all things with purpose and we are caretakers of those purposes. But, when we lose our focus on Him, the evil one can sneak in and plant his purposes — the tare that takes over and destroys like a weed. In this special guest teaching, Bill Cloud explains our awesome responsibility to […]

For Zion’s Sake | 15 Adar | On This Day with Bill Cloud

Bill Cloud shares a short daily devotional from every day on the Hebrew calendar. Join Bill for each episode of “On This Day” as he ties his thoughts in with what happened on this day in Jewish history. Want more from Bill? Become a premium partner and gain access to hundreds of hours of teachings […]
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Are All Sins Equal? – Q&A with Michael Rood & Bill Cloud

Not all sins are equal! The Bible essentially says, “the punishment fits the crime” — a truth that has been forgotten in most Christian churches! Michael Rood and Bill Cloud explain how God’s justice works and how Christians should conduct themselves as His respresentatives. Watch more Q&A videos with Michael Rood and Guests: *Restoring […]

Walking In Integrity | 21 Adar | On This Day with Bill Cloud

After obtaining the blessing from his father Isaac, Esau determined to kill Jacob which forced Jacob to flee from him. As he fled toward Haran, Jacob came to a place that would later be called Beth-el, or “House of God.” It was in this place that the God of Abraham and Isaac would also become […]

Babylon Resurrected | 25 Adar | On This Day with Bill Cloud

It was on this day in the year 561 B.C. that Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon and the conqueror of Jerusalem, died. Years before, Nebuchadnezzar had been told by the prophet Daniel that he, and by extension Babylon, was represented in a dream by a head of gold, described for us in Daniel chapter 2. Bill […]

The Rise of Esau pt.1

The Rise of Esau pt1 by Bill Cloud

Bill Cloud & Wade Spencer 9/16/18 Sunday Night

Watch us live at: Visit our website: God bless!

Giants in the Land

Bill Cloud shares why he believes some believers today might be responding to events the same way Israel responded to the giants and fortified cities of Canaan. Want more from Bill Cloud? Become a premium partner and gain access to hundreds of hours of teachings and resources ON DEMAND. Join here today!
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