Learn How To Do Apologetics in the Twenty-First Century with Ravi Zacharias

http://www.saddleback.com/ — Let’s face it — having faith in God raises a lot of questions. No one seems to have answers anymore. Even the most basic questions facing our generation often go unanswered. But you don’t have to be left with unanswered questions when you are faced with doubt. In this message at Saddleback Church, […]

Apologetics Conference – The Certainty of Christ in an Age of Unbelief

http://apologeticsguy.com/reasonablefaith2 In this apologetics conference video, Craig Hazen introduces the event and explains what makes Christianity unique among World Religious Traditions. 2012 conference project by Mikel Del Rosario and the M.A. Christian Apologetics Department at Biola University; second event in a series. Features Moreland’s “Arguments for the Existence of God” and Mikel Del Rosario’s “Defending […]
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