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How to Become A Godly Wife by Priscilla Shirer (So Good & True)

How to Become A Godly Christian Wife by Priscilla Shirer. So true & wonderfully, lovingly explained.


HOW TO BE A GODLY WIFE – TIPS TO BECOMING A BETTER WIFE 7 ways to becoming a better wife with jesus and the bible. *** the Video Milena Ciciotti posted was about saving yourself for marriage! sorry 🙃 Shop my Closet http://bit.ly/2rP9gO6 ❤ Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/aleidacastroxo ❤ BLOG: http://www.aleidacastro.com ❤ Instagram: aleidacastroxo ❤ professional inquiries: […]

WIFE OF 25 YEARS SHARES HER WISDOM (Part 1) // Biblical Marriage

In this LIVE we talked about dating, how my parents’ argue, and resentment building around husband’s not helping around the house. Marriage is such a sensitive subject, and there are so many different situations, so I just encourage you to go to GOD’S WORD, and believe what it says. 🙂 He is the one who […]
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The Willful Submission of a Christian Wife (Ephesians 5:22-24)

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Biblical Instructions For Husbands And Wives – Part 1

Visit our full video library at http://NothingButTheTruth.org Marriage causes suffering. You don’t think so? Look at this verse, “But and if thou marry, thou hast not sinned… nevertheless such shall have trouble in the flesh:” (1 Corinthians 7:28) Usually when a marriage fails, it is not really marriage that failed but rather that “version” of […]

Effective Communication between Husbands and Wives

Best selling author Dr. Kevin Leman gives us a few tips on how we should speak to (or listen to) our spouses that can help enhance marriages.

Words a wife should never say to her husband!!

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