Prophetic Warning March, 2018 – Do not let loneliness beat you ! Today Sermons

Prophetic Warning March, 2018 – Do not let loneliness beat you ! Today Sermons

How to deal with loneliness as a christian

Helpful (and mostly free) resources on loneliness: Sermon “Pray and Be Alone With God”, by Paul Washer: Good article by Desiring God on facebook, distractions and being alone: Song mentioned in video “All I have is Christ” by Sovereign Grace: Book on loneliness by Elisabeth Elliot: God loves you so much. Hear John Macarthur […]
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David Jeremiah 2016 Sermons Slaying the Giant of Loneliness

NEW[David Jeremiah 2016 Sermons Slaying the Giant of Loneliness]

Single, Not Alone :: Relationship Goals (Part 2)

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Friendship – Timothy Keller [Sermon]

Tim Keller sermons via Gospel in Life: Wise people are good at choosing, forging, and keeping friendships. The marks of a true friend are constancy, carefulness, candor, and counsel. When you are liberated to be the great friend you need to be by the great friendship of Jesus on the cross, then you will find […]

Intimacy with God – Andy Stanley

One of my favorite Sermons from Andy Stanley of all time.

Joel Osteen – Don’t Rely On People

Are you relying on what others say or don’t say for your value? Are you frustrated today because you don’t have the support from others around you? One of the greatest lessons in life is to learn that your true value does not come from people; it comes from Almighty God. Yet many people today […]

Living In The Shadows Of Loneliness – Dr. Charles Stanley

“It is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). In the beginning, the first thing God declared bad was loneliness, and it still plagues humanity today. In this two-part message, Dr. Stanley first explains how we find ourselves in the desolate landscape of loneliness, challenging us to confront ourselves and the behaviors […]

Peace With Yourself

Do you like who you are? The strengths and the weaknesses? We all have areas where we need to improve, but many people go through life feeling wrong on the inside, not really liking who they are and dwelling repeatedly on their shortcomings. This type of thinking can limit the great things God wants to […]
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