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4 Ways a Christian Husband Loves His Wife According to the Bible

What are the marks of a good Christian husband according to the Bible? How will a husband love his wife if he is seeking to lead her as the Bible instructs? Here are 4 biblical ways a Christian husband can love his wife. (Article) How to Love Your Wife According to the Bible FREE […]

Bible duties of a Christian Husband

What the Bible says on what a Christian husband who do and be…

The Power of a Saved Man, Husband, Father 06182017 – El Paso Christian Church Live Stream

Pastor Stephens Preaching on Father’s Day. “The Power of a Saved Man, Husband, Father”

“How To Be A Husband” – The LOST art of biblical manliness!

The FORGOTTEN role of the husband in marriage. What is a good husband? What kind of men has God called us to be? How to do marriage God’s way. Subscribe to get weekly Bible studies as I upload them and don’t forget to check my channel for past studies on a multitude of topics and […]


Please watch: “What is the Filling of the Spirit? | Ephesians 5:18” –~– What is a husband’s role in marriage? The Bible has a lot to say about what our role is as a husband in terms of spiritually leading our wives. The truth is that fulfilling the role of a husband can be […]
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