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Christian Dating from a Man’s Perspective

Today, men join the conversation! Listen in as Davin and Bryan share with Alicia and Denise what they wish their female counterparts knew about Christian dating. They also answer our questions about women approaching men, dating within one’s own congregation, and more!

How to Pursue a Woman…The Right Way

Please watch: “5 Signs of a Thriving Spiritual Life | James 4: 1-10” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaxwmEezft0 –~– How should a Christian man pursue a Christian woman? That’s our topic today on the BEAT What’s up everybody it’s your boy Allen here so today I want to talk to the single men and give some advice on how […]

Our First Date & Christian Dating Tips!

**Click to for More Videos** https://goo.gl/qe6p6J Become a Patron: patreon.com/thatchristianvlogger Twitter @jkhoe Instagram @jkhoe Snapchat @justinkhoe https://www.facebook.com/godhasgiventruly For this storytime, Emily and I share the story of our first date and share with you a few tips for those of you who are still single and christian. As Christians, we don’t date the same way […]
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Advice for Guys On Dating

Ben Stuart | Find more resources on dating and singleness at http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/topic-index/dating-singleness http://www.desiringgod.org/

A Man’s View | Worldly Dating vs Godly Dating

HEYY!!! We pray that this video blesses someone!!! Thank you so much for the support & encouraging instagram comments/emails! We’re SO grateful for all the kind words and for all the continued prayers! ******************************************************** Website: http:/www.mrsbrigittec.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrsbrigittec/?hl=en ******************************************************** Info to song in the video below: Song: Boy Meets Girl Artist: God’s Servant

Godly Male Leadership in Pure Dating

Hey guys! I pray that this video helps you understand the utmost importance of godly male leadership within a pure dating relationship. Let me know what you think in the comment section. God bless you! Nino and Tammy

The 2 Things You Need in A Guy | Christian Dating Advice

Twitter: http://twitter.com/katielizg Instagram: http://instagram.com/katielizg So a year ago, I made a video about why I’m not dating in high school. And I still stick by everything I said in that video! 🙂 This year, however, I’m out of high school and dating is something that I’m starting to think about. Here are some of my […]

Should Christians Kiss Before Marriage? | Christian Dating Physical Boundaries

5 Reasons Why Many Christian Girls Remain Single **Click for More Videos** https://goo.gl/qe6p6J Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/THATCHRISTIANVLOGGER Twitter @jkhoe Instagram @jkhoe Snapchat @justinkhoe https://www.facebook.com/godhasgiventruly For free Bible Studies check out https://goo.gl/zGiLVX Should Christians kiss before marriage or is kissing a sin? On this video, we talk about Christian dating physical boundaries. Many people interested in the […]

Christian Dating & Waiting | 7 Helpful tips for Godly dating |

Hi guys, I’ve recieved a lot of questions about my love life over the last year so I decided to make a video to tell you all about it. here it goes: I AM SINGLE AS A DOLLAR BILL! 🙂 It use to bother me that I was single, but now I am basking in […]


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