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Anger Management – Christian Counselor in Phoenix

In this video

http://www.arizonachristiancounseling.com | Tres Adames, a Christian Counselor in Phoenix, AZ describes how anger can become a problem and how to deal with it appropriately.

We all get angry…
But what happens when you get angry all the time? Maybe you lost your cool at an inappropriate time, or you ended up blowing something out of proportion. It’s important to notice your triggers to see what is setting you off consistently. In reality, life is full of frustration—we can’t escape it—it’s one of the consequences of living in a fallen world. But there are more mature ways to respond to frustration than resorting to anger and rage.

How can I change?
One of the first steps to dealing with anger is learning to react to life realistically. Address your own unrealistic expectations. If you come to accept that frustration is normal, you will be better prepared emotionally things don’t go your way. It is also important to discover whether a part of you is overreacting based on a similar event from your past. Maybe it’s unresolved issues from a past relationship or bitterness at a family member who hurt you when you were younger. Whatever it is, counseling can help you address the root cause and teach you how to respond appropriately. For more on dealing with anger, or if you are interested in counseling, visit: http://www.phoenixchristiancounselor.com

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