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Advice To Single Women In their 30’s, Who Want to Get Married.

In this video

This video gives dating and relationship advice to women in their 30’s and beyond and comes from someone who is in their 30’s and in the counseling field.

I am happy about all the comments on this video but I have gotten some hate comments too. So why not address them directly, check out my new video addressing the hate comments from men on why you can’t be single over 30. A bunch of BS basically. https://youtu.be/PT9s3pvl4q8

Connect With Me
Blog: http://therapyncounseling.blogspot.com
Instagram: @SophiaReedmft
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SophiaReedMFT
Twitter: @SophiaReedmft
Email: sophiareedsbook@gmail.com

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