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5 Spiritual Keys to Freeing Yourself From The Anger Trap

In this video

5 Spiritual (Christ-centered) Keys to Freeing Yourself From The Anger Trap. Practical steps to take before bedtime so you can have a more restful sleep. Five practical Christian counseling steps.

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Above & Beyond Counseling Center / Academy provides Christian counseling and educational/training services worldwide.

The Counseling Center (http://AandBCounseling.com) is staffed with NCCA-licensed Christian Counselors with extensive training and expertise in individual, marriage and family counseling. We also utilize a proven deliverance ministry process to help clients gain freedom from anger, depression, fear, lusts and more.

The Counseling Academy (http://Academy.AandBCounseling.com) offers programs worldwide for students to earn their Masters or PhD Degrees in Clinical Christian Counseling and be licensed with the NCCA through self-paced, affordable home study courses. We also offer training in the Center’s proven five-step deliverance ministry process and students can earn a certificate of completion.

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