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3 Ways To End An Affair

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If you’re currently in an affair, or if you know somebody who is, these three things will be extremely important to you.

(And even if you’re deeply, emotionally connected to the other person, these three things still work if you do them!)

You might be thinking, “I’m not sure I want out of the affair.” If you’re trying to make that decision, we can help. Get specific help on deciding to end an affair with the Affair Toolkit: https://marriagehelper.com/affair-toolkit-help-in-deciding-to-end-the-affair-video-series/

Without further ado, there are three things you can do if you’re ready to end the affair. First, make an irrevocable decision. Fully commit to your decision to end the affair. Second, stop all contact with the other person. No contact. No communication. Nothing. If you don’t stop, it hurts you more, it hurts the other person more, and it hurts your spouse more. It creates false hope. Third, don’t try to keep tabs and check in on what the other person is doing- whether it’s through mutual friends or social media. Just don’t do it.

Remember, if you can do these three things, you can end this affair. You CAN! You can get past it, move on with your life, and do the best thing for everybody that’s involved.


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