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THE GOD YOU CAN KNOW – Come Up the Mountain

God wants to be known by you, and you can know as much about Him as you have the appetite and desire to know. Pastor Louie Giglio wants you to know there is never going to be a moment in your pursuit of God where there’s a sign that says, “authorized personnel only beyond this […]

CHAIN BREAKER – The Chain of Fear

“Fear is faith in the Enemy” — In this message, Pastor Louie Giglio talks about possibly the most universal chain yet, the chain of fear. So many of us live bound up in this chain, allowing it to dictate how we spend our days. The truth is this if we are bound up in fear, […]

Colossians: The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ

Written with the single purpose to display the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus, the book of Colossians answers the two questions every person asks: Who am I? Why am I here? This week, Pastor Louie Giglio takes us through the book of Colossians to find the answers to these questions; the answers to which determine […]
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YES – The Next Yes

This week, Pastor Louie Giglio dives into the third portion of our series, “Yes,” as we talk about the most important yes in your life. What are you going to decide the next time life places a decision in front of you? Will you say, “yes,” to the right things, and, “no,” to the wrong? […]

THE GOD YOU CAN KNOW – Sovereign Love in the Messy Middle

God is revealing the attributes of Himself, and when we come to the fact that God is Sovereign we have to understand that is fundamental to our view of and relationship with Him. Pastor Louie Giglio reminds us that we aren’t dealing with a god who is on our level. Our God is seated on […]

Who Is Jesus? Video Bible Study with Louie Giglio – Session 1 Preview

Subscribe today to watch the entire Bible Study online: studygateway.com – http://bit.ly/2J1iKhS Save 30-50% on church and small group resources: ChurchSource.com – http://bit.ly/2LdL3GE In this five-week video Bible study, Pastor Louie Giglio invites us to meet God in both our intellect and our hearts by uncovering what history and Scripture have to say about Jesus. […]

Passion 2019 :: Louie Giglio (session 1)

Hear Louie Giglio’s talk from session one of Passion 2019 about the father issue that this generation is experiencing and what Jesus has done to step into the gap as our eternal Father. Louie Giglio is the Pastor of Passion City Church and the Founder of the Passion Movement, which exists to call a generation […]

Give Us Today

This week, Pastor Louie Giglio takes us all the way back to the Exodus of God’s people out of Egypt to remind us from where, and from whom, our daily sustenance comes from.

Louie Giglio Twists Ezekiel 37 at Passion 2013

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith (http://www.fightingforthefaith.com) takes a discerning look at Louie Giglio’s teaching during the final session of Passion 2013 to see if he is rightly handling and teaching God’s Word and finds good reasons to be concerned.

YES – The Best Yes

This week, Pastor Louie Giglio dives into the second portion of our series, “Yes,” as we focus on when and where our, “no,” becomes critical; because while saying “yes,” can open the opportunity for blessing in our lives, it can also open the opportunity for destruction if it’s used in the wrong situation. In fact, […]
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