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Virtue: Love Letters – Cathe Laurie, Introduction

Cathe Laurie shares the introduction message on “God’s Word: Read as If Your Life Depends on It… Because It Does!” for the start of the new season of Virtue.
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Pulling Thorns, Sharing Burdens – Cathe Laurie, Lesson 5

When we humble and examine ourselves before God, can we really touch those hurting and in need of restoration. Cathe shares how carrying one another’s burdens, guided by the Holy Spirit, can impact a life. Investing in the lives of others results in more than a saved soul, but a fruitful life.

Keeping a Strong and Vibrant Marriage

Pastor Greg and his wife Cathe Laurie discuss the importance of keeping a strong and vibrant marriage, and the best thing you can do for your kids. #HomeSweetHomeSeries Follow Pastor Greg on the Internet Website – Blog – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – How to Know God –

Experiencing the Love of God – Cathe Laurie, Lesson 7

How do we grasp and lay hold of God’s love? “It’s more than doctrine and prayer,” says Cathe. When we meditate and spend time alone with Christ, we can experience the richness and fullness of his love

Last Love Letter – Cathe Laurie, Lesson 21

Cathe Laurie shares the final lesson message in the Love Letters study series as we conclude in the 2nd Timothy chapter 4.

Esther 4 with Cathe Laurie – Virtue: The Chosen Life, Session 15 (OC)

Whether you are reluctant or ready, our Sovereign Lord wants to use you. Cathe shares on how we can engage and influence our culture that is not just opposed to what we believe in, even at times hostile. Today can be your defining moment. “God has called us to be the light in a dark […]
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